• Overview
  • EEG: DSI 10/20
  • ECG: PSM
  • Wireless DAQ
  • QStreamer
  • QStates
  • ECG: PSM

      The Physiological Status Monitor (PSM) is a wireless ECG belt that is designed to function seamlessly with the DSI 10/20.

      The PSM belt records a single vector ECG, skin temperature, and 3-dimensional acceleration.
      The data acquisition software, QStreamer, calculates instantaneous heart rate and body orientation. The system can sound alerts when heart rate is outside specified thresholds.

      The mounting belt is comfortable for extended wear. It is made of medical grade latex and sweat absorbing foam that can be removed for washing

      The PSM can transmit data wirelessly or in wired mode, and can store more than 72 hours of data on a micro-SD memory card.

        PSM Specifications

        ECG Sensors: 2 differential dry contact sensors
        Auxiliary Sensors: Skin temperature, 3-D accelerometers
        Chest Size Fit: XXS-XL (74-119cm)
        Runtime: 24 hours
        Internal Data Storage: 64 hours
        Wireless Range: 10 meters
        Analog/Digital Converter: 17 bits
        Analog/Digital Resolution: 0.381 uV referred to input
        Sample Rate: 240 Hz
        Bandwidth: 0.05-50Hz
        Gain: 60
        Common Mode Rejection Ration (CMRR): > 120dB
        Channel Cross-talk < -70dB with sensors
        Input Impedance (1Hz): 47Gohm
        Input bias current: < 25pA
        DC offset tolerance: +/-200mV
        Maximum Input Range 10mV pk-pk
        Noise(1-50Hz): < 1.7uV pk-pk

      Please contact us for further information on the PSM.