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    • What makes QUASAR’s sensors work?

      Low Noise Signals

        • Hybrid capacitive/resistive ultra-high impedance sensors
        • Patented circuit and shielding design
        • Low power wireless DAQ

      Motion and Environmental Artifact Reduction

        • Shear-isolated, Constant-Pressure EEG Electrode Mount
        • Common-mode follower

      Long-term Comfort

        • Designed for comfort and ease of use
        • Absence of skin abrasion and gels eliminates skin irritation
        • Through Hair design
    • What does this technology enable?

        • Long-term comfort
        • Maintenance of contact
        • No skin abrasion or preparation
        • Low noise
        • Reduced motion artifacts
        • Ambulatory recording
    • Are your products FDA approved?

        Not yet. While our systems are designed towards ANSI safety standards, neither the DSI 10/20 nor the PSM are FDA approved systems. We plan to develop an EEG system further towards FDA approval through our spin-off Advanced Neurometrics Inc (ANI link ), but in the meantime, both the DSI 10/20 and PSM can be used for research on human subjects, as they have been deemed “minimal risk devices” by several IRBs
    • What future developments are expected?

        • 24 channel digitizers are in the plans for future development, but timeline depends on funding
        • New headset designs with fewer electrodes
        • We have a few other improvements in R&D to look forward to in the years to come, unfortunately, we cannot disclose those yet, please check again next year, or email us to put you on our mailing list
    • DSI 10/20 has 21 sensors but only a 12 channel digitizer?

        • DSI 10/20 can be configured with anywhere from 3 to 23 sensors.
        • In headsets with more than 12 sensors, a junction box is included on the headset. This user-configurable junction box enables the user to select which 12 sensors they wish to digitize at a time.
    • When is Quasar USA ready to fill orders?

        • DSI 10/20 prototypes are reliable and fully functional.
        • We are selling prototype DSI systems in small volumes for research applications.
        • We are ready to take orders now. Please contact us to request a quote.
    • What is the lead time on orders?

        • That depends on quantity and our pipeline at time of purchase.
        • A delivery date is provided at time of purchase.
    • Can I lease equipment?

      Yes, we are considering a monthly leasing plan depending on system availability