• Overview
  • EEG: DSI 10/20
  • ECG: PSM
  • Wireless DAQ
  • QStreamer
  • QStates
  • Wireless DAQ
      QUASAR has developed low power wireless technology to transmit data from both DSI 10/20 and PSM systems.
      The DSI’s wireless node is equipped with 12 high precision differential amplifiers and 16-bit digitizers, while the PSM’s has 2 differential amplifiers and a 17-bit digitizer. Both compact DAQ module can transmit data in wired or wireless modes, or record it directly on flash memory.
      The receiver Basestation (shown) receives data from both wireless nodes and synchronizes their timestamps. It also receives external trigger inputs.
      All wireless modules are controlled via software and hardware.

        DAQ Specifications

          • >24hrs operation
          • Wireless and wired operation modes
          • 1GB micro-SD card flash memory
          • Impedance monitoring for each sensor
          • Anti-aliasing filters
          • Data synchronization
          • External trigger input

    This technology has been licensed to Wearable Sensing for further development and commercialization.

    Please check out their website for new products based on this technology and contact them directly for further information and pricing.