• Overview
  • EEG: DSI 10/20
  • ECG: PSM
  • Wireless DAQ
  • QStreamer
  • QStates
  • Products

      QUASAR has integrated its sensor technologies into two prototype systems for ambulatory EEG and ECG recording.

      Both systems use QUASAR’s low-power wireless data acquisition (DAQ) system that operates in both wired and wireless modes, and records on micro-SD cards.

      QStreamer is an intuitive data acquisition software designed to synchronously record data streaming from both DSI 10/20 and PSM systems.

      QStates is a powerful trainable cognitive state classification gauge that extracts the most salient features from EEG, ECG, EMG, and EOG data for real-time assessment of cognitive load.

    This technology has been licensed to Wearable Sensing for further development and commercialization.

    Please check out their website for new products based on this technology and contact them directly for further information and pricing.