• Overview
  • EEG: DSI 10/20
  • ECG: PSM
  • Wireless DAQ
  • QStreamer
  • QStates
  • QStreamer
      QStreamer is QUASAR’s data acquisition software with an intuitive user interface to control the system and acquire data.
      A montage editor allows editing and saving custom referenced montages. A status monitor checks sensor contact impedance and DC offsets and displays the information both graphically and numerically.
      The software synchronously records data from both the DSI 10/20 and PSM. Furthermore, it handles low-pass, high-pass and notch filtering of both EEG and ECG data streams.
      The software has a TCP-IP socket that streams data in real-time. This socket interfaces in real-time with QStates, QUASAR’s powerful real-time cognitive state classification algorithm, as well as export data into a format compatible with 3rd party analysis tools such as MS Excel, Matlab, etc.

        QStreamer Specifications

          • Control EEG and PSM systems
          • Custom definable montages
          • Impedance monitoring for each sensor
          • Settable filters
          • Real-time interface with QStates
          • Real-time data streaming on TCP-IP socket
          • Export data to comma-separated-value (CSV) ASCII files
          • Windows Xp or 7 compatible

    This technology has been licensed to Wearable Sensing for further development and commercialization.

    Please check out their website for new products based on this technology and contact them directly for further information and pricing.