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  • EEG:DSI 10/20

    The Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) 10/20 is the first wireless headset designed to position 21 dry EEG sensors according to the 10/20 International System.
    The features that make the DSI 10/20 a paradigm-shifting device include:

    • Dry-Sensors:
      • Sensors require no gels or fluids, and do not leave messy residue

      Rapid Donning

      • No-prep:
        • High impedance electronics allow high fidelity EEG signals without skin abrasion or preparation
      • Through-Hair:
        • Flat-ended finger electrodes contact scalp through-hair
      • 10/20 Locations:
        • Headset automatically positions 21 sensors according to the 10/20 International System
      • Rapid Set-up:
        • Easy-to-use headset is typically self-donned in less than 5 minutes
      • Rapid Removal:
        • Easy-to-use headset is instantly taken off, and does not necessitate washing head afterwards

      Excellent Signal Quality


      • Low Noise:
        • Patented shielding and circuit design reduce environmental noise
      • Motion Artifact Resistant:
        • Proprietary artifact reduction technologies reduce motion artifacts and enable ambulatory use in office or laboratory environments.
      • Wireless:
        • Integrated amplifiers, digitizers, and transmitters allow data to be transmitted in wired or wireless modes or stored in on micro-SD cards
      • Low-Power:
        • Low-power electronics extend the battery life, and enable 24 hours of recording

      Long-Term Comfort

      • Comfortable:
        • Mechanical design carefully controls contact pressure allowing comfortable wear all day

          • Comfort survey results for subjects wearing QUASAR’s EEG headset or helmet for up to 8 hours indicated that subjects do not mind the headset.
          • Y-axis is the average of a subjectve scale where 1 was considered “unnoticeable” and 5 “comfortable but noticeable”, and 10 “untolerable”. (#) is the number of subjects in each time bin.

      Research Quality System

      • Safe:
        • The DSI 10/20 is a research prototype designed to meet ANSI safety standards, and has been designated a non-significant risk device for use in human research by several IRBs
      • Reusable:
        • The system can be cleaned by users, and sensor tips are reusable and replaceable
      • Expandable:
        • DSI 10/20 can synchronously record EMG signals from QUASAR’s dry EMG sensors, and it operates seamlessly with QUASAR’s Physiological Status Monitor (PSM) belt.
      • 10/20 Locations:
        • DSI 10/20 positions its sensors according to the International 10/20 System, with 21 sensors located at: Fp1, Fp2, Fz, F3, F4, F7, F8, Cz, C3, C4, Pz, P3, P4, T3, T4, T5, T6, O1, O2, Mastoid L (M1), and Mastoid R (M2). The Ground is at Fpz.

      DSI 10/20 Specifications

      Sensors up to 23 at 10/20 International System locations
      Headsize fit 55-60cm circumference
      Headset weight 500g
      Run-time: 24hrs continuous
      Internal data storage: 70hrs
      Wireless range: 10m
      Number of digitized inputs: 12 selectable differential channels
      Analog/Digital Converter: 16 bits
      Analog/Digital resolution: 0.317 uV referred to input
      Sample Rate: 240 or 960 Hz
      Bandwidth: 0.02-120Hz
      Gain: 60
      Common mode rejection ratio: > 120dB
      Channel Cross-talk: < -70dB with sensors
      Input Impedance (1Hz): 47Gohm
      Input bias current: <25pA
      DC offset tolerance: +/-200mV
      Maximum input range: 10mV pk-pk
      Noise (1-50Hz): <3 uV pk-pk

    This technology has been licensed to Wearable Sensing for further development and commercialization.

    Please check out their website for new products based on this technology and contact them directly for further information and pricing.