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    Quasar Leads Development of Advanced Sensing Technologies for Government
    Xconomy San Diego, February 25, 2009
    by Bruce V. Bigelow
    Under the Pentagon’s Warfighter Physiological Status Monitor program, QUASAR has developed what it calls “capacitive sensors” that can be sewn into fabric to remotely monitor soldiers’ heartbeats.

    Pentagon’s Mind-Reading Computers Replicate
    WIRED, March 18, 2008
    by Noah Shachtman
    This Air Force has also handed out a contract to Quantum Applied Science and Research, Inc. — that’s right, QUASAR for short — to perfect a mind-reading interface for squads of killer drones.

    Sensors get great reception – Ultrasensitive devices don’t have to be close by
    San Diego Union Tribune, October 5, 2007
    By Mike Freeman
    San Diego-based QUASAR, also known as Quantum Applied Science & Research, is performing the experiments as part of a Pentagon-funded program to develop sensor technology for the Future Force Warrior uniform – which is expected to be worn by the next generation of soldiers.

    Nonintrusive, Wearable Bioelectrodes for Monitoring the Heart and Brain
    Sensors, September 1, 2007
    By Robert Matthews
    Improved noncontact electrodes and noninvasive hybrid biosensors enable fast, reliable readings of hearts and brains, without requiring contact with the skin.

    QUASAR ‘through-clothing’ ECG technology
    Director-e, August 13, 2007
    by John Gibbon
    Quantum Applied Science and Research (QUASAR) Inc. is currently developing the first truly non-invasive cardiac diagnostic and monitoring products.

    QUASAR develops Cardiac Monitoring technology
    Fiber2fashion, August 7, 2007
    QUASAR’s current prototype system for performing through-clothing ECG measurement includes two sensors and an electronics module. The sensors can be placed in an ECG belt, or sewn into a shirt.

    Heart Monitoring for Soldiers on the Move
    National Defense: NDIA’s Business & Technology Magazine , August , 2007
    The noninvasive system, which is a product of Quasar of San Diego, Calif., is being used as a portion of the “war fighter physiological status monitor” that has been integrated with the Army’s future force warrior uniform.

    Sorrento Mesa Startup Perfecting Sensors the Size of Coins to Detect Brain Waves, Heartbeats
    San Diego Business Journal, July 9, 2007
    by Brad Graves
    The Sorrento Mesa company, known as Quasar for short, is developing sensors the size of small coins that can be placed next to someone’s head to detect brain waves.

    Measuring Cardiac Signals
    Military Medical Technology: Vital Signs, May 22, 2007
    QUASAR’s most revolutionary sensors are capacitive sensors – so sensitive that they can measure the electric signals without actually making an electrical connection with the body.

    Evaluating a Capacitively Coupled, Noncontact Electrode for ECG Monitoring
    Sensors, December 1, 2005
    by Jaime M. Lee, Frederick Pearce, Craig Morrissette, Andrew D. Hibbs, Robert Matthews
    A new device capable of measuring electrocardiogram (ECG) interbeat intervals through clothing is being considered by the U.S. Army for its Future Force Warrior System uniform of the future.